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Product Description

Wavelength Range:                                       340-1000nm

Wavelength Accuracy:                                  ±2nm

Wavelength Reproducibility:                           0.5nm

Band width:                                                 4nm

Photometric Accuracy:                                 ±0.5%(τ) (NBS SRM930D)

Photometric Reproducibility:                          0.3%(τ)

Stray Light:                                                  0.5%(t) (360nm, NaNO2)

Scale:                                  TRANS:            0-199.9%

                                           ABS:                -0.3-2.999

                                           FACT:              1-9999

       CONC:    0-999


l         Curny-terner configuration diffraction grating monochromator, non-spherical light source optical path & Precise grid, whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings.

l         128×64 dots LCD.

l         Simple & clear keyboard operation is convenient to realize auto 0% & 100% adjustment and error-free T/A transformation.

l         Factor setting & direct concentration readout functions.

l         As much as 24 items of working curve equations can be preserved for long time.

l         First order curve fitting can be performed.

l         With 2K E2PROM.

Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cuvette rack, suitable for 1-5 cm optical path rectangular cells.
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